This is still a work in progress, it does not work with old versions of Internet Explorer, and may contain bugs.

It should be able to take a program with line numbers in front of each statement (e.g, the Catch the Goufers game). It is also possible to to type several statements on one line, optionally separated with ";", as in the small example program.

PCs do not generally have the ≠ and Σ characters easily available, so these should be entered as "!=" and "~", respectively. That means that "Σ+" becomes "~+", and "X≠0?" becomes "X!=0?".

To use, simply copy & paste the program into the text box in the "Input" tab, select the modules needed by the program, click the big button labelled "Do it!". If the bar codes look ok, simply print the page with the "Barcodes" tab selected.